Happy Happy Cupcake Cookies

Happy Happy Cupcake Cookies via Sweetapolita Hello from the land of happy, happy cupcake cookies! Dare you not to smile. Yes, it's cookie o'clock around my house right now. I think, of course, it has something to do with the season, and with two little cakelets (who are suddenly not so little!) who love to decorate and gift such tasty and colourful things. We're about to dive into more traditionally seasonal gingerbread cookies and such, but before we get too into holiday-baking, we made a batch of these little guys to make us, and those around us, smile. And they really do the trick--smiles aplenty Inspired by a package of candy eyeballs that have been staring at me every time I open my sprinkle cupboard, I thought it would be fun to create little pastel confection friends to share. Starting with a half-batch of The Perfect Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookies, which I have to admit get better every time I taste them while keeping their shape like a dream, we added some pastel Royal Icing in a cakey colour scheme and topped them with the obligatory (for good reason) sprinkles and then quirky and lovable faces. Then we gobbled them up with no shame. Oops. Happy Happy Cupcake Cookies Via Sweetapolita Sometimes decorating with royal icing is rather intimidating if you've not done it before, or often, but when you go slowly and thoughtfully, I find it rather therapeutic. For many "patterns" or shapes it's helpful to draw directly onto the cookie with a food marker (as the first cookie above shows) and then pipe your icing directly over the lines. This really helps! This type of cookie decorating is also one of those things that makes you feel incredibly proud when you see how lovely the finished product is--the porcelain finish of royal icing gives cookies such a fancy feel, even though it's simple to do. It can also be used for simple embellishments, as we did with the Jumbo Gingerbread Folk. It adds just enough sweetness to balance an otherwise intense cookie, such as gingerbread or these dark chocolate sugar cookies. Happy Happy Cupcake Cookies I was just thinking how adding these happy little faces to pretty much any decorated cookie would bring an instant hit of cute. Happy pie cookies, happy ice cream cone cookies, happy cookie cookies . . . I love designs like this because it's impossible to not smile when you look at them--perfect for giving to kids and grown ups alike. I can promise you that if you make a batch of these happy little folk, you will feel the love. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:109] Sweetapolita's Notes: See you soon with another sugary recipe! ♥

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