Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday! Hope you're having a magical weekend! Here's the skinny on this past week in the land of being me: MONDAY: Started the week feeling grateful! Seems simple, but it's remarkable how quickly we can be blinded by day-to-day, well, everything. Realized that when I really sit and focus on how grateful I am, it brings me to tears, truly. My recent meditation habits have begun to open my mind in a way that feels so healthy. TUESDAY: After hearing her on a Tony Robbins podcast, I had to start reading this book. I love stuff like this! Life changing. Which one are you? (Take this quiz to find out.) Any guesses as to which one I am? WEDNESDAY: Loving this app! And this one. THURSDAY: We had our favourite young entrepreneur in the shop helping us make these adorable-as-heck treats. FRIDAY: Felt more emotional than usual. It happens, but thank the sprinkle-fairies above that I have the most supportive group of women around me. Word. SATURDAY: Spent the night alone eating (not-so-healthy) snacks in my cozy, girly, bed watching this. A very typical Saturday night for me! Then I thought to myself, I've either done something really wrong in life, or really, really right. #happiness SUNDAY: Fully enjoyed my last day as 43! Had a full day of me-time things, and picked up more of this for the win. I couldn't be more ready for everything this next year will bring...

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