We Scream! Museum of Ice Cream - Miami

Miami! I adore this place. Maybe it's all the pastel colours, the sun, the architecture, the food, the beach and more. But if I didn't love it enough already, the Miami version of the wildly popular Museum of Ice Cream (also known as MOIC) would win me over. Last month I headed down to Miami with two of my sprinkle squad gals, Gracie and Jen, to exhibit at the SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo (if you follow me on Instagram, you likely noticed the flurry of Miami posts!). The show was incredible (a post on the show itself coming soon), and occupied us for 3 of the 4 full days we were there, so we were all so excited to survive the show, then celebrate on day 4. It happened to be Gracie's birthday that day, so we made a special plan to make the utmost of that sunny day and do all the things we knew would make her happy, happy. We were particularly excited to go to the MOIC, because I have collaborated with them from the beginning of the MOIC adventure, when it started back in New York in 2016. Back when it was just me running the Sweetapolita sprinkle business, I was honoured to create the signature MOIC Sprinkle Medley, which was sold in their original gift shop, and is still offered in all of their locations. It's a perfect marriage! Gracie and I were in Los Angeles last year, and were lucky enough to experience the LA location (our first MOIC experience!). It was something out of my personal dreams and spoke to my soul! Really, though, it did. And what I love about the concept, is that each location is a completely different experience. So that said, we knew since we were going to be in Miami, that we had to go. We were also thrilled to see our happy sprinkles standing so proud in the gift shop. Those moments never get old!  We started the morning out at Sugar Factory restaurant for Grace's birthday breakfast. This was another one of our must-sees because we proudly created a sprinkle medley for the SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo that I mentioned above, and this medley was used for the week of the show on one of the restaurants crazy milkshakes! They called it the SoFlo Cake n' Shake Milkshake, which seems fitting. We knew we had to go and try it out, but we really didn't expect there to be table talkers on every single table with our logo and milkshake feature--honestly a really proud moment for all of us. It was an exciting start to what we knew was going to be an incredible last day in Miami. So, this is birthday girl, Gracie. She was the very first member of the "sprinkle squad," as I affectionately call them. Honestly, besides being incredibly beautiful inside and out, she is seriously talented. Hiring my first person was extremely scary for me, and I probably waited a little too long to do so, but I was convinced no one could ever care about my business the way I did. I was way wrong, and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her. This I know.???? You will see a lot of her in the "Sprinkle Squad" category of the blog! And meet Jen! While somewhat newish to the squad, Jen is one in a million. Trust me! Her humour and warmth are infectious, and this girl can coordinate an event like I've never seen, haha. While the details of the show and show booth started as a trio collab, it was wrapped up in full swing by this girl. She almost single-handedly whipped up the logistics and details for us to exhibit there in Miami, and it was a huge job. It was a full circle moment to have her there, experiencing the show and then celebrating our successes on this sunny Miami day. Well, that girl you know. My stress level was definitely much lower that day! I was so exhilarated from our experience at the event, and just so relieved it went so well. I worry about these things. I was more than ready for a day of pink, ice cream, exploring and sun. So there we be. So much love, respect and laughter bounces among us on the daily. This day was the pinnacle! And the sprinkle pool. The one common thread between all MOIC locations, and for good reason! It's definitely a highlight. Made from resin, these sprinkles feel so real and actually kind of amazing between the toes, as questionable as that sounds. [caption id="attachment_13879" align="aligncenter" width="581"] image via Museum of Ice Cream[/caption] This is the sprinkle pool! And because you might not believe the cuteness that is MOIC, I've put together some video snippets for you to take a peek at! [playlist type="video" ids="13725,13877,13734,13737,13738,13780,13782,13786,13875"] I loved this little set up! The MOIC staff gets you to step up on this pedestal and reach for the huge balloon installation above, of course to create the illusion that we are reaching for the sky. I like to think I do this less literally on a daily basis (or most days, anyway), but this was the sweetest visual! Kind of love that shot. Of course the gift shop is always a highlight of any experience for me! But knowing our sprinks were in there had me dying of curiosity, just to know how they looked in their happy Miami home. I loved this idea above, which seems to be a new addition to this location--the gift set. Sprinkles, pink can of whipped cream, gorgeous MOIC ice cream scoop and the waffle textured ice cream glass. Beautifully displayed and such a sweet idea! Then we were thrilled to see our babies there all happy little rows perched atop the glossy pink shelving. Truly adorable. Loved these cute-as-heck tees too. Bought one for me and both of my cakelets :) They were lucky enough to come with us last year to the LA location, and I knew they'd "get it" and why these were so special. Guys, if the chance presents itself, I highly recommend doing whatever you can to see any MOIC! The Miami location is wrapping up, but they are currently open in San Francisco! And it seems they are always working on the next venue. Such an incredible experience! See you soon with many more adventures to share!  

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