MAGICAL MALLOW Matte Sugar Triangles


MAGICAL MALLOW Matte Sugar Triangles

$10.00 USD

These gorgeous MAGICAL MALLOW Matte Sugar Squares make the perfect addition to any baked good!

*Please note that Magical Mallow refers only to the colour, and that these goodies are unflavoured (besides yummy sugar flavour!). These shapes are jumbo sugar shapes measuring 15mm | 0.6".

These sugar shapes are the perfect way to make any cake, cupcake, cookie, cake pop, ice cream sandwich or pretty much anything party-ready. Perfect for baby showers, birthday parties and more! 

★ Sprinkle bottles are crystal clear, lightweight PET plastic and finished with a glossy label.

 Pressed sugar shapes

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INGREDIENTS: sugar, glucose syrup, gelatin (bovine), magnesium salts of fatty acids.

*May contain trace amounts of wheat, eggs, milk, soy & tree nuts.